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AIS Land Cover Map of Denmark Examples of its application

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1 AIS Land Cover Map of Denmark Examples of its application
1. for the AIS Land Use map of Denmark 2. for habitat / vegetation type application

2 Systematic land use inventory is seen as essential in order:
to produce proper land use statistics to follow changes and developments in land use over appropriate time periods to monitor the effects of imposed land use policies to police land use policies and regulations to perform scenario analyses to perform integrated analyses

3 1. for the AIS Land Use map of Denmark

4 GIS layers in Denmark were (1994) sparse and inconsistent
Background GIS layers in Denmark were (1994) sparse and inconsistent old held by different organisations lacking good land cover information Land Use & Environmental Mapping in Denmark, mid-1990s : - an abundance of mappings produced and used by the various organisations - no common map base or data structure - a major impediment to inter-disciplinary monitoring and modelling

5 Objectives a unitary polygon based land use map
selected supplementary databases based on existing topographic mappings nation-wide, scale 1:25.000 for both research and administrative application supplemented by other relevant data ... including a satellite image derived Land Cover Classification as a Collaboration across the research institutes and policy agencies of the Ministry of Environment & Energy and related Governmental departments

6 Participants National Environmental Research Institute
Dept. Lake and Estuarine Ecology Dept. Landscape Ecology Dept. Policy Analysis Dept Marine Ecology Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute National Forest and Nature Agency Danish Energy Agency Danish Environmental Protection Agency Spatial Planning Dept. Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences The Danish Counties Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography

7 Overview of databases Restrictions in distribution Basemaps:
Land use map Coast lines Streams Satelite data archieve Satelite classification Vegetation data Protected nature types Forests Terestrial nature types Administrative zones Planning regions: Urban areas Village boundaries Rural planning Summer houses Wind energy Drinking water interest Waste deposits Mineral extraction sites Leisure centres/hotels Camping/Youth hostels EU-bird protection site Ramsar-sites EU-habitat site Wildlife sanctuaries Cultural protections Urban areas Land use Hydrological data Lakes Stream sections Catchments Gauging stations Wetlands Geology Surface Geology 1:25.000 Surface Geology 1: Marine areas Bottom sediments Depth model Restrictions in distribution

8 Example - Land use map Based on data fusion from:
Topographical data in scanned and digital form Map(s) of protected nature types Digital map of arable fields Classification of satellite data Sequential integration of the different layers, applying layer dependent rules for handling cartographic and thematic issues CORINE LC based coding and nomenclature as far as possible (4 digits)

9 Protected nature types
Topographic map Protected nature types + Agricultural fields + Land cover + Generalisation + Final map

10 Example from Land use map

11 The AIS Area Reference Frame data product

12 2. for habitat / vegetation type application
§3 arealer i Viborg Amt


14 Arealdækkekort - AIS, Viborg Amt

15 Hede, Viborg Amt Hjelm & Hjerl Hede Hessellund Hede Kongenshus Hede Hede arealerne i Viborg amt finder man ved kysten i den norvestlige del af amtet, samt på arealer inde i landet. Hedearealerne er på billedet markeret med lilla/violet

16 Foto: Ditte Nan Hansen, DMU
Lodbjerg Klithede

17 Foto: Ditte Nan Hansen, DMU
Hjelm Hede

18 Kongenshus Hede

19 Areal fordeling: Viborg amt §3, 3220 polygoner

20 Etablering af Analyse net
hele amt analyse --> spatial analysis of patterns within Viborg amt Etablering af Analyse net Net kombineres med §3 Hede polygoner (Polygoner > m2) 1 Km2 net etableres Analysenet Net afgrænses med amtsgrænse

21 Arealfordeling i net celler

22 Arealfordeling i net celler

23 e.g. … for targeting protected nature area field survey work
For a large area of heath in the SW of Viborg county, the Paragraph-3 heath areas can be sub-divided into a set of 1x1 km areas (left) e.g. … for targeting protected nature area field survey work The AIS LCM data (centre) for the P-3 areas within each grid cell can then be interrogated for a particular land cover composition pattern Such as, (right, shown in yellow) those P-3 heath areas with a certain mixture of grass and shrub heathland, bare areas and woodland


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