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Linking international students and Danish businesses.

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Præsentationer af emnet: "Linking international students and Danish businesses."— Præsentationens transcript:

1 Linking international students and Danish businesses

2 Partners in the Project Aarhus School of Architecture

3 Purpose of InterResource The purpose of this initiative is to maintain international students and to contribute to the expansion of the work force at Central Denmark Region The target group is the 3000 international full-degree students, with more than 70 different nationalities, studying at higher educations in Central Denmark Region

4 Goals and expectations More than 80% have a desire to stay in Denmark after their studies if they have job opportunities International students will be offered an internship, project or a relevant student job during their studies International students will be offered a full time job in one of the companies in the Region after graduation

5 What types of events does InterResource offer? CV and Cover Letter Seminars Lecture on Danish culture Network event for International Students Entrepreneur Event Nearly-graduating

6 The Cold, Hard Truth The job market is difficult for EVERYONE right now You MUST be proactive – you control your own destiny In Denmark, the Danes may have the upper hand, so work that much harder You must build your own network in order to succeed You need to learn Danish

7 Networking with companies Attend job fairs and network with employees, ex: - InterResource events - SiCEF – job fair - Career Days in Århus - Career Events at Studenterhus Århus Network with Danish employers: Learn to sell yourself

8 Networking in your spare time Århus Salsa DGI Århus Svømmestadion (swimming pool) Århus Baseball Softball IDA Idrætsdaghøjskolen Århus Salsa Top of Bruuns Galleri, mini golf in open Sport Culture Øst for paradis (Art cinema and café) Aarhus Theatre Voxhall (Concert hall) Train (Disco & Live concerts)

9 Contact info Join our Facebook group: ASB/AU Career Guidance for International Students Check out our new webpage for more great tips: Or come by B16: Mail: Phone: 89 48 68 29

10 Thank you – do you have any questions?

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