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23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 1 Welcome to MA Odense.

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Præsentationer af emnet: "23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 1 Welcome to MA Odense."— Præsentationens transcript:

1 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 1 Welcome to MA Odense

2 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 2 Dagens program Introductional meeting  MA Odense  Our services  Availability and job search Today’s programme INDIVIDUAL TALK  Cv-approval (contact data, terms of employment, areas of work)  The job search plan  The unemployment system  Activation  Possibilities as a job searcher

3 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 3 Mette Borch Ovdal Consultant Bitten Eskesen Consultant Your local MA office in Odense Services Workshops Individual sparring and counseling Networking Office facilities WEB-DIRECT Inger Beck Ginnerup Secretary Helle Lindekilde Secretary

4 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 4 Your guide to the rules Contact us: Personal – Drop in Call us - 7020 3971 Send us an e-mail via Read more - Opening hours Monday 10.00-12.00 am Thursday kl. 1-3 pm

5 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 5 A-kasse - Dagpenge Be registered at the Job Centre ( as unemployed. Have an approved cv on – and remember to check the job propositions every 7th day Actively seeking jobs. You must apply for jobs every week. Stay in Denmark while receiving unemployment benefit. Check your (e)mail every day Participate in the meetings with MA and the job centre Be available for activation (work activity scheme) by the job centre Follow the job search plan you and MA have made Be available for work You are responsible for knowing the rules (but we will help you ) Conditions for receiving unemployment benefit

6 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 6 Rådighed og jobsøgning You must apply for jobs every week. MA recommends, that you apply for several jobs every week Your job search must be realistic. This means, that you must be qualified for the jobs you apply for, that you must make yourself available for jobs you can manage, and that you must do what you can to find work. If there isn’t enough job openings within your profession you must apply for jobs outside your field. You must be available for any job you are able to do. Change your strategy on a regular basis. Widen your scope. You must use all channels for your job search: advertised jobs, unsolicited job search. Use your network and your contacts. You must apply for full time positions - even if you have a part time job You must primarily apply for jobs in Denmark. Applications for jobs abroad count as a supplement Applications for ”virksomhedspraktik” and ”løntilskud” do not count Job search and availability

7 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 7 A-kasse - Dagpenge You use the self-service function when you: send in your benefit claims card (second last Sunday of every month) register your job search activites on the joblog Revise your job search plan Apply for holiday leave Etc. Fill in your application for unemployment benefit, if you’d be unemployed again ”Pssst! Free student membership? = remember to apply for ordinary membership” Self-service on

8 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 8 Ud over jobsøgningen Use the joblog

9 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 9 Ud over jobsøgningen Use the joblog

10 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 10 Ud over jobsøgningen Use the joblog

11 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 11 Ud over jobsøgningen Use the joblog

12 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 12 Ud over jobsøgningen Use the joblog

13 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 13 Rådighed og jobsøgning MA, the Job Centre and ”anden aktør” MA Unemployment benefit availability assessment counselling and guidance Jobsøgningsplan (job search plan) JOB CENTRE/”ANDEN AKTØR” Activation / job activity scheme jobplan)

14 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 14 CV – Jobnet / Arbejdsgiver Your first offer of aktivering must be at latest:  After 13 weeks of unemployment, if you are under 30 years old  After 9 months of unemployment, if you are between 30 and 59  After 6 months of unemployment, if your over 60 years old If you work more than 20 hours per week, you are not obliged to participate in aktivering The Job centre or Anden Aktør, works out a job plan for you, which describes your aktivering. Aktivering – work activity scheme

15 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 15 Ud over jobsøgningen Job med løntilskud: subsidised job (public/private) – aktivering Virksomhedspraktik: Trainee programme – aktivering Courses (as part of Job Plan) (e.g. Danish Lessons) – aktivering Job seeking abroad – take your dagpenge (unemployment benefits) to another EEA country (max 3 months) in order to look for a job “6-ugers selvvalgt uddannelse” Training program (e.g. coaching, project management, Lean). You can attend the course after 4 months of unemployment and before 13 months. Workshops at MA. Please check Free IT training on-line ( Opportunities

16 23-11-2014Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse side 16 Hvad sker der fremover? Next meeting in MA will be in 3 month where MA will assess your availability on the job market (rådighedsmøde) Your preparation for the meeting: Update your Jobsøgningsplan Make a Job log – save an overview of the jobs, that you have applied for on Selvbetjeningen on Please send it electronically to MA two days before your next meeting in MA What next?

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