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| 1 | Velkommen til XBRL Konference 2007 Lars J. Dyrner Fremtidens regnskab er digitalt.

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1 | 1 | Velkommen til XBRL Konference 2007 Lars J. Dyrner Fremtidens regnskab er digitalt

2 Denmark | 2 | Medlemmer af XBRL Denmark  Deloitte  E&S  Ernst & Young  Finansrådet  Finansstyrelsen  Focus IT A/S  FSR  KPMG  Inventio  Magnus Informatik  Resultmaker  Revisor Informatik  Software AG Nordic  PriceWaterHouseCoopers

3 Denmark | 3 | regelsættere udsteder Digitale regnskaber – set i sammenhæng Hvad har vi i dag? Lovgivning Standarder Bekendtgørelser Årsregnskabslov Skat, moms, afgifter osv. Rapporterende enheder selskaber personer osv Kapitalmarked Investorer Långivere osv. Myndigheder Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Hvad hvis vi kan hægte det hele sammen digitalt ? Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Definitions and Formulas Hvor meget er - digitaliseret? - papirbaseret? i sammenhæng?

4 Denmark | 4 | Digitale regnskaber med XBRL Spørgsmål:  Hvad er XBRL egentligt for noget?  Hvad betyder det for dig?  Hvilke erfaringer er der med XBRL?  Hvor langt er vi i Danmark?  Hvad med XBRL værktøjer?

5 Denmark | 5 | Dagens program  10.00 Introduktion /Lars J. Dyrner  10.10 What does XBRL mean for you /Mike Willis  11.00 Pause  11.15 XBRL as a tool for supervision /Arnoud Vossen  12.00 Frokost  13.00 Aflevér årsrapporten digitalt til E&S /Ole Blöndal  13.45 Pause  14.00 XBRL Software værktøjer /Hugh Wallis  15.00 Pause  15.15 Paneldebat og spørgsmål  15.45 Forfriskninger

6 Denmark | 6 | Mike Willis  Mike Willis has more than 26 years of accounting and auditing experience and is a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Mike served as the Founding Chairman of XBRL International ( ), which is currently composed of more than 500 leading software, accounting and finance companies from 27 countries around the world.  Mike has served in a number of roles within the XBRL community and currently serves on the International Steering Committee.  He speaks frequently, publishes papers and blogs on the topic of business reporting. Mike has been interviewed for or published articles in a range of business periodicals on the topic of a more efficient business reporting supply chain including the Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Business Week, Wall Street & Technology, CFO Magazine, and CIO Magazine.  Mr. Willis is a licensed CPA in Florida and California and is a member of these State Societies of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs. He has served in numerous community services activities including Tampa Bay United Way CFO, SERVE Chair and Tampa Connection Founding Board Member. Mike is a graduate of the University of Florida and he currently serves on the Fisher School of Accounting Board of Trustees.

7 Denmark | 7 | Arnoud Vossen  Arnoud is very much involved with the introduction of the revised supervisory reporting as a consequence of Basel II and with the introduction of Pillar 3 disclosures within the Netherlands.  Within Europe, Arnoud Vossen is the Dutch member of the Committee of European Banking Supervisors and chairman of one of its three permanent committees, the Expert Group on Financial Information. As such, he is engaged with subjects in the area of accounting, auditing and reporting in a European context. This includes the use of prudential filters, of the reporting frameworks COREP and FINREP and its XBRL taxonomies and the implementation within the EU of Pillar 3 from a supervisory perspective. Also, Arnoud is a member of the Accounting Task Force of the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision.  For the CEBS, Arnoud is a member of the EU IFRS Round Table and of the EU Accounting Regulatory Committee. As a background, he has his certification as a public accountant in the Netherlands and a masters degree in business economics.  At De Nederlandsche Bank, Arnoud Vossen is the departmental director, responsible for policy issues like financial crime, corporate governance, accounting, supervisory reporting and disclosures from supervisory authorities and supervised institutions to market participants.  As of 1st January 2008, Arnoud Vossen will be deputy secretary general of the before mentioned Committee of European Banking Supervisors, based in London.

8 Denmark | 8 | Hugh Wallis  Hugh Wallis is Director of Standards Development at XBRL International having overall technical responsibility for standards development in the consortium.  He brings over 30 years of software development experience in fields as diverse as Finite Element Stress Analysis, Transport Vehicle and Operator Scheduling, Compiler development, Operational and Financial Business Modelling, Multidimensional (OLAP) Databases and Business Reporting.  He became involved with the XBRL Consortium in January 2000 while a Software Architect at Hyperion Solutions and was formerly an "At Large" member of the XBRL International Steering Committee, Chair of the XBRL Specification Working Group, Chair of the XBRL-GL Working Group, Chair of the XBRL Canada Domain/Taxonomy Working Group and is a co-editor of the XBRL 2.1, Specification and other XBRL International technical products.  He holds an M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Oxford and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London and is an Associate Member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.  His interests include music, languages (both computer and spoken), genealogical research and techniques, visiting and crossing international borders, and geocaching. He is married and has one very active twelve year old son and two very lazy cats

9 Denmark | 9 | Ole Blöndal  Direktør Erhvervs- & Selskabsstyrelsen

10 | 10 |

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