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David Bekker-Jensen EN PASSANT Chat-novelle.

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Præsentationer af emnet: "David Bekker-Jensen EN PASSANT Chat-novelle."— Præsentationens transcript:

1 David Bekker-Jensen EN PASSANT Chat-novelle

2 Life’s but a walking shadow; a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more… Macbeth

3 guest84(U)(50): well, the bomb effect already disapeer
guest84(U)(50): my stomach is going to burst!! Please call the doctor…i wonder will it be a babby girl or babby boy? Jason(50): babby? guest84(U)(50): what a useless…not even a girl or a is a ****! guest84(U)(50): sheet guest320(U)(50): Yeah guest84(U)(50): anyway..just a dumb joke…i am a nice guy guest382(U)(50): a male gets babbies guest84(U)(50): i heard the cloning is now available is that true? guest84(U)(50): i am not really up to news.. but is the cloning experiment succes? guest382(U)(50): yes, that’s true, clonning of babbies

4 Jason(50): cloning Jason(50): babies guest84(U)(50): yes..was it succes or still under investigation? Notification: Diablo has arrived guest382(U)(50): it was a great succes, there are now many babby boommers Jason(50): you ought to pay for saying so much ******** guest84(U)(50): great!! guest382(U)(50): boomm boomm guest84(U)(50): can u tell me a bit about this cloning process? guest382(U)(50): just explode a nuclear bomb, boomm boomm guest382(U)(50): the lights go out guest84(U)(50): first of all..take a cup of rotten milk..then mix it up with the egg piece of cake..lastly..take a fresh blood from any dead bodies..and BOMM! It became a nice babby boy. Diablo tells you: hvordan går det?

5 guest382(U)(50): and people make a lot of babbies
tell diablo som altid stille og roligt (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: er du ved at falde til deroppe? guest84(U)(50): that’s how you clonn babbies guest84(U)(50): anyway, how old are you? truelove(H)(1): Riyadh asked: Ebok doesn’t want to resume our game! truelove(H)(1): Riyadh disconnected and started another match, he don’t want to resume our game truelove(H)(1): Ok, take a look at ”help adjudicate” guest382(U)(50): i’m 99 truelove(H)(1): guest84 asked: i am suffering a bad lag can i do anything about it? truelove(H)(1): Stop downloading, quit other applications, see ”help lag” guest382(U)(50): i was clonned

6 tell diablo det kan du bande på
tell diablo det kan du bande på. Det er et helt andet liv jeg lever heroppe (told Diablo) tell diablo jo længere man er her des mere undrer man sig over at alting skal være så besværligt derhjemme (told Diablo) guest84(U)(50): great! Your bud must be smelly enough for that such a long period Diablo tells you: Har du fået nogle venner? guest382(U)(50): my bud smells rosy tell diablo flere end jeg nogensinde havde derhjemme (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: det siger ikke så meget tell diablo: Pas dig selv (told Diablo) guest84(U)(50): what perfume do u wear? Diablo tells you: for der havde du da ikke nogen venner guest84(U)(50): all the cards are on the board..what is our age

7 guest382(U)(50): ccocco channell
guest84(U)(50): i am using the Boss guest382(U)(50): i’m using the BBoss too tell diablo før jeg kom herop anede jeg ikke hvad det ville sige at have nogen (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Hvad vil det så sige? tell diablo det kan du jo passende fortælle mig (told Diablo) tell diablo siden du har så mange. (told Diablo) guest84(U)(50): i can slaughter myself if you are 99 years old. Diablo tells you: nu får du jo chancen for selv at finde ud af det guest382(U)(50): how old are you? guest84(U)(50): u first guest382(U)(50): i’m 99 guest84(U)(50): ok..i gave up..i am 13. You?? guest382(U)(50): as i said

8 Moppsy(50): i’m 3 tell diablo hvordan har Martin det? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: som en der har overlevet et spring ud fra femte sal. guest382(U)(50): you were cloned in 1999 tell diablo er han ikke kommet sig endnu? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Næh.. guest84(U)(50): ok, what is your true age? Diablo tells you: Har du fået gang i noget med hende den lille? tell diablo mener du Lotte? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Det ved jeg ikke. Hende med de store patter tell diablo du har nok haft øjnene med dig (told Diablo)

9 Diablo tells you: det har jeg altid
tell diablo hun er meget sød (told Diablo) guest382(U)(50): that’s my true age since i was clonned Diablo tells you: Det syntes hun vist også om dig, sådan som hun omfavnede dig første gang hun så dig tell diablo sådan gør man heroppe (told Diablo) tell diablo alle omfavner hinanden (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Det gør det selvfølgelig helt normalt Moppsy(50): retired at 33! guest84(U)(50): no cloning stuff now..i am serious guest84(U)(50): maybe this chann should have some revised activities…

10 guest382(U)(50): me too, want to retire at 999 years old
Moppsy(50): Volkstag tell diablo alle kommer hinanden meget ved heroppe (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: okay, du har tydeligvis lagt mærke til hendes store bryster tell diablo pas dig selv! (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: og hendes store røv tell diablo for fanden Jesper (told Diablo) guest382(U)(50): getting a little tired by then guest84(U)(50): now that is really make me crazy… Diablo tells you: Bare du ikke også begynder at sige, at i er venner. tell diablo alle på gangen er venner (told Diablo)

11 Diablo tells you: så er du vel den største ven af dem alle
tell diablo hvad mener du? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Du har altid været så selskabelig, mener jeg tell diablo hvad skal det betyde? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Ikke noget tell diablo sig det. hvad mener du? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Glem det guest84(U)(50): Now where am I out from this endless conversation..i usually don’t speak much when it doesn’t give me any knowledge…time is gold

12 tell diablo du er fuldstændig ligesom mor og far
tell diablo du er fuldstændig ligesom mor og far. Når man spørger om noget får man aldrig noget svar. (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Måske er det fordi du spørger om de forkerte ting tell diablo hvad ved du om det. Hvorfor skal du bestemme, hvad jeg skal spørge om? (told Diablo) guest382(U)(50): chatting is silver guest84(U)(50): chatting is full of lies

13 --- Game 1: *Kasparov(GM) vs *Anand(GM) ---
Wesley kibitzes: why? Dreev(GM) kibitzes: when the transformation of the position will take place – for white it is very important to obtain the position where the advantage of the pair of bishops will tell. Inorganic kibitzes: followed by bishop to g2 and f4? Kingsrook kibitzes: Re1 seems natural Game: Dreev moves: Re1 LeFlouFlou kibitzes: and Qd3 is better Dreev(GM) kibitzes: Re1 or Qc2 Dreev(GM) kibitzes: are the helpful moves Jessiekan kibitzes: Kasparov white, Anand black: 1-0 with 5 draws since 2000 LeFlouFlou kibitzes: why not g3? tell diablo Martin må da have det bedre efterhånden (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Du kan ligeså godt tale til en dør som til ham for tiden

14 Kiebitz(*)(1): guest 146 asked: Is the game of chess close to being solved?
Kiebitz(*)(1): No.. tell diablo han burde ikke tage det så tungt (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Det bliver han sikkert glad for at høre. Diablo tells you: fortæl du ham det Kiebitz(*)(50): fics down i hear Postmodernist(*)(50): hehe Kiebitz(*)(50): sudden guest inflow Jason(50): fics sucks guest236(U)(50): Maybe the main reason is it is a free server Jason(50): crappy tell diablo blev du ikke overrasket over at han tog det på den måde? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: af en eller anden grund kan han forbandet godt lide dig. tell diablo jeg forstår det bare ikke (told Diablo)

15 Diablo tells you: Nej det gør jeg heller ikke..
Kiebitz(*)(1): guest127 asked: if i register for a free trial can I play with GM? Kiebitz(*)(1): theoretically yes… Jason(50): hehe, my mom told that tell diablo kan du ikke prøve at snakke med ham? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Hvad havde du tænkt dig, at jeg skulle sige? tell diablo et eller andet - fortæl ham at der ikke er så længe til jeg kommer hjem (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: måske skulle du selv prøve at ringe til ham tell diablo hvorfor lagde jeg ikke mærke til det noget før? (told diablo) Diablo tells you: Du havde vel andet at tænke på tell diablo derfor kunne jeg vel godt se hvad der foregik omkring mig (told Diablo)

16 Diablo tells you: siden hvornår har du kunnet lave to ting ad gangen?
--- Game 2: *Vallejo(GM) vs *Ivanchuk(GM) --- Moses kibitzes: I prefer Be6, and you? AlmostDecent kibitzes: h6 has a better percentage but the encyclopedia gives W a small edge whereas the less succesfull Be6 is given as = Game 2: Zek moves: b5 Moses kibitzes: theory Udjat kibitzes: venga Vallejo!!! Udjat kibitzes: que nunca has perdido con Kasparov!!! Udjat kibitzes: ni con Anand!!! Kariv(C) kibitzes: ni conmigo Nalbo(IM) kibitzes: jajajaja ReyCanalla kibitzes: a mi nunca me ah ganado Paco Kariv(C) kibitzes: ni se atreve

17 Avertigo kibitzes: Hi everybody!
ReyCanalla kibitzes: Ag5 Nalbo(IM) kibitzes: Hola Avertigo Avertigo kibitzes: Hola Nalbo Diablo tells you: i går var politiet her tell diablo: hvorfor det? (told Diablo) Murzo(IM)(250): Hi! :-) I am international master Attila Murzo from Hungary. I will be starting a simul at 1pm server time(6pm GMT). Only 3 chekels entry fee, type ”c-offer murzo 3 simul” to join. If you have any questions please contact me! Diablo tells you: Jeg ved ikke hvorfor. Jeg så to af dem komme op af havegangen, og de ringede på og spurgte om det var her Martin boede. Så blev de lukket ind og jeg blev sendt bort, så jeg ikke kunne høre hvad de talte om. Tetrahedron(50): shirov is the most combative player in the world, he never asks for draws

18 DrPhibes(50): then explain yesterday’s 13 move draw with chuk?
Tetrahedron(50): that is because chuk with white wanted draw Tetrahedron(50): so he gave him LulliPulli(50): Chuk offered with white! DrPhibes(50): hahahaha tell diablo har du ikke fundet ud af hvad han har gjort? (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: burde du ikke bedst vide, hvad han kan have fundet på? Tetrahedron(50): shirov is the most combative tell diablo hvor fanden skulle jeg vide det fra? (told Diablo) DrPhibes(50): that’s nice of him MagicpawnQ(50): kaspy and shirov don’t like each other Tetrahedron(50): DrPhibes get your chess right DrPhibes(50): :(

19 Broccoli(50): nobody likes kaspy
Tetrahedron(50): Anand likes to whip kaspy Aragorn(50): NOBODY LIKES BROCCOLI SahMaster(50): everyone likes kaspy tell diablo jeg aner ikke hvad han kan have gjort (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: du var altid så meget sammen med ham tell diablo det er ikke sådan, at han gør noget, jeg tidligere har gjort (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: Det er jeg godt klar over. Du er den sidste person jeg ville mistænke for at gøre noget ulovligt! SahMaster(50): have there ever been a left handed world champion? COMPLEXITY(50): Morphy was probably lefthanded DrPhibes(50): think Shirov would give takebacks for mouseslips? Niceguy(50): lobster that is because shirov is very creative player

20 Perfochess(50): John McEnroe was lefthanded
Aragorn(50): why probably COMPLEX? Tetrahedron(50): i agree with you Niceguy Tetrahedron(50): shirov makes chess interesting Tetrahedron(50): unlike kramnik anand and kaspy DrPhibes(50): pff tell diablo hvordan tager Sara det hele? (told Diablo) COMPLEXITY(50): I have no idea, just thought I would throw it out there Diablo tells you: den pige er skør. I går insisterede hun på at jeg sagde ja. Jeg sad og så fjernsyn mens hun stod i døren og blev ved med at tigge mig om at sige det. Til sidst gjorde jeg det for at få fred, og fandeme om hun så ikke kommer over og sætter sig ved siden af mig og siger at hun ikke kunne gøre det, før jeg havde sagt ja. Aragorn(50): Vallejo is lefthanded, i think

21 tell diablo hvad fanden, jeg kan huske dengang du gik rundt og snakkede med ånderne..
(told Diablo) Diablo tells you: hvis endelig det er det vi skal snakke om, skal du ikke komme for godt i gang. COMPLEXITY(50): I do hear, though, that Morphy was a little effeminate, and girls are often left handed Perfochess(50): you say gay Moses(50): Lefties ain’t right that’s for sure.. Diablo tells you: Du må også vide, hvad det er Martin har gang i Aragorn(50): righties use the left side of their brain, lefties use the right side of their brain, therefore lefties are the only people in their right minds. tell diablo jeg ved ikke mere end du gør (told Diablo Diablo tells you: du tør bare ikke sige det Diablo tells you: fordi du altid har været pissebange for at gøre noget forkert

22 pjf(H)(1): Feeder asked: *what has happened to traingbot?
pjf(H)(1): it should still be up. Type ”play trainingbot” tell diablo du ved ikke hvad jeg er bange for (told Diablo) Diablo tells you: nej, du er selvfølgelig aldrig bange Aragorn(50): tal was a lefty Gopikrish(50): is there a webcam? tell diablo jeg troede ikke du mente jeg var involveret? (told Diablo) Go-steelers(50): tal was not a lefty, thats’s bullcrap Patzer22(50): Tal’s my all time fav player punkrocker(50): tal was a tactical lefty Diablo tells you: Nej det er det sidste jeg ville tro om dig tell diablo hvad vil du mig så? (told Diablo)

23 Go-Steelers(50): That is blasphemy
gsb(50): one of Tal’s hands were deformed i’m not sure which Nathalie(50): creepy Diablo tells you: det spørger jeg dig om punkrocker(50): his right Moses(50): maybe he was an alien tell diablo hvad er det du siger? (told Diablo) Go-Steelers(50): have you seen his face, are you sure that wasn’t deformed either? punkrocker(50): that makes him a lefty Diablo tells you: hvad vil du os? Aragorn(50): of course he’s a lefty gsb(50): yes..he would hold his cigarette in his right hand and crush everyone in blitz with the left DrPhibes(50): he had tentacles, not hands Diablo tells you: du er alligevel så perfekt

24 tell diablo hvad snakker du om
(told Diablo) Patzer22(50): read ”Tal the magnificent” pure genius! Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os, Jonas? tell diablo jeg hader jer ikke (told Diablo) Nathalie(50): who likes the x-files? Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os Diablo tells you: Hvorfor hader du os

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